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IT software engineer

1. Computer, information management, etc.
2. More than 3 years of experience in enterprise information system and enterprise information system security operation; team management experience is preferred; 3. Be familiar with network architecture and network security technology and have the ability to independently analyze and handle network failure. 4. Familiar with the installation and debugging of computer hardware and software, able to troubleshoot all kinds of failures independently; Proficient in the management of mail system; Have certain weak current knowledge and maintenance strain capacity; 5. Proactive, good self-learning ability and logical analysis ability; 6. Excellent communication and coordination skills, good teamwork spirit; 7. More than 3 years experience in ERP, skilled in related development tools (VS, SQL, SQL report service, Access).

Production technology manager

1. More than three years experience in manufacturing technical management of automobile lamps manufacturing industry.
2. College degree or above, proficient in production technology improvement.

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the overall management of equipment, mold, tooling and technology.
2. Responsible for organizing technical analysis, focusing on improvement of quality, efficiency and quota.
3. Formulated and implemented the work objectives of the engineering department according to the company's quality policy and annual work objectives. 4. Design and production of tooling and fixtures.
5. Make, revise and write safety rules for equipment operation.
6. Strictly follow the TS16949 quality system standard.
7. Make equipment, mold, tooling maintenance plan and supervise the implementation.

Job title: mold structural engineer

1. College degree or above, major in mechanical or mold related industry is preferred. Experience with lights or parts is preferred.
2. Skilled in tooling design.
3. Be familiar with the use characteristics of various kinds of steel, and fully understand the characteristics of various kinds of plastic materials and the requirements of mold.
4. Can carry out the mode flow analysis and optimize the improvement independently.